i use my tumblr as my lil hideout where i can escape from the horrors of being a living organism. i like cute people, cute clothes, cute animals and cute things and nature stuff and plants. i'm as bitter as bernard black and as clumsy as usagi tsukino, i have the same kind of view on other people as april ludgate and i fix my hair with a mixture of organic hair wax and robert smith's tears. this is a blog where you will find anime as well as gore and politics. if you have any questions or wanna leave a cute lil message my ask is gapingly open like the deepest pits of hell. preferred pronoun: she/her or them/their is fine. or you know, supreme overlord.


Confused Cats Against Feminism is brought to you by We Hunted the Mammoth, and also by kitties.

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19-year-old Noa on the street in Harajuku with yellow braids, a J’adore Dior sleeveless top, and a Bubbles pleated skirt.

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Me at #kawaiitwerkrave last night💖 Thank u for coming all Kawaii people💖💖 Love u so much!! 📷 @jwny #unitedcouture #vidakush #limecrime